Why Your Company Needs an SEO Audit

As a business executive, you already know a lot about search engine optimization(SEO), but you need to be sure that you are putting the information that you know into practice on your company’s website. That is the purpose behind an SEO audit. This process should be done at least quarterly to make sure that SEO tactics are fulfilling your company’s goals. It should also be done anytime your company starts a new campaign. Understanding the key components of an SEO audit will point out what your SEO’s strengths and weaknesses are along with highlighting changes needing to be made.

Strategic Goals

The SEO that your company uses should have specific goals that are measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. There are many types of goals that SEO can achieve. A company may use it to drive raw traffic to a company site. It can also be used to drive sales or to develop leads. Your company may also use SEO to help establish a brand’s identity or to manage its reputation. SEO can also be used to sway public opinion. Regardless of why you are doing SEO, it is important that the goals align tightly with the company’s overall agenda.

Find the Right Keywords

It is essential that you choose the right SEO keywords to target. These keywords should align with the company’s goals. Like goals, they must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. There are many possible keywords but it can be difficult to choose the right ones. Some keywords may be out of your company’s current budget because the competition is simply too stiff. Other keywords may not be searched for enough to make them viable. Longtail keywords are often the best solution for small businesses without large advertising budgets.

Look at Your Competition

A SEO audit should also take a look at your competition. First, the audit should identify keywords that are working well for them allowing you to decide if they are worth pursuing for your company. Secondly, the audit should look at the type of content that is working well for them. Developing the same type of content while keeping it unique may be a winning strategy for your company. The SEO audit should look at the competitor’s link profile to see if they are using links that will work well for your company too. Often, doing an audit helps a company find keywords that are easy wins where the competition is not using them.

Technical Analysis

An SEO audit will help answer vital questions about how well the technical side of websites, banner ads, pay-per-click and other campaigns is working. For example, it will look at how fast your website loads. Since over 60 percent of users are now doing searches on mobile devices, it will also determine how user-friendly your company is to these users. It will also examine every element of your current campaign to look for redirect issues.

Doing a complete SEO analysis can be time consuming. This is especially true if you do not know the right tools to use, and how to analyze the data. Therefore, you should contact http://victoriousseo.com/seo-company-services/seo-audit/ about doing an SEO audit for your company.